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Medicine for the Age of Experience

Wellness is not a fixed state of being. To be truly healthy one must learn to live in balance with nature. And nature is 'whatever is happening now'. The city is equally as natural as the forest. It's not the environments or the circumstances themselves that create sickness or health... but rather how we relate to them, how we navigate them. 

My medicine is the medicine of refinement and balance.

Healing depends on our capacity to balance work and rest, movement and stillness, effort and ease, discipline and relaxation.



-Kundalini Yoga


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About Aliksandra

This is multimodality medicine for the age of experience. I am a healer and I work through Acupuncture, Kundalini Yoga, and Sound.

I am NYS licensed Acupuncturist and current Doctoral candidate at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, I hold an MS in Health Science from New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, an MA in Cultural Translation from the American University of Paris, amongst a variety of other certifications in Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Plant Based Nutrition, and Traditional Shirodhara Ayurvedic Therapy.

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