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I am Aliksandra Keller. My passion is connecting people with their own inner strength and innate capacity to self heal. 



ALIKSANDRA is a multimodality healer. She is a NYS licensed acupuncturist and current doctoral candidate. She holds an MS in Health and Acupuncture from the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and an MA in Cultural Translation with emphasis in Psychoanalysis and Somatic Studies from the American University of Paris, France. As a practitioner, Aliksandra specializes in eastern psychology and the treatment of psycho-emotional imbalance. 

Aliksandra has been teaching Kundalini yoga for over a decade both in the US and abroad. She currently she teaches at the iconic RA MA Institute in NYC, Yoga Nanda in Garden City, and Yoga Shanti in Westhampton Beach. She continues her studies with internationally acclaimed Kundalini Yoga teacher Guru Jagat, founder and CEO of RA MA Yoga Institute. As a respected member of the Kundalini community, Aliksandra has been featured on various wellness podcasts and has most recently been showcased in POPSUGAR global online publication.

 In addition to acupuncture and yoga, Aliksandra uses sound as a healing modality. She studied Mantra and Naad Yoga under world-renowned Kundalini yoga teacher and recording artist, Ram Singh in Paris, and currently performs Sound Healing at numerous studios and venues throughout the NY metro area. Aliksandra is preparing to release her debut solo Sound Healing EP Theorie in July 2018. As well as being a solo artist, Aliksandra is also the lead singer of up-and-coming avant-garde music collective, Pilot Eye

Aliksandra is the co-founder of Radiance Rising where she constructs trainings and personalized sound retreats around the world, mentoring her clients in extensive Kundalini yoga study.


“To me, Acupuncture and Kundalini Yoga are two of the most powerful medicines that exist on the planet. Both are medicines of self healing. Acupuncture is a medicine that sets us into positive relationship with nature by balancing polarity. Kundalini Yoga is an embodied technology that shows us how to heal ourselves by becoming more intimately connected with our own sensory experience. The more we can feel, the more open we become to experiencing the richness of reality and the infinite potential of every moment. Feeling more means loving more.”  



 DAc. Doctor of Acupuncture. Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. San Diego, CA.

LAc. Acupuncture. New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Mineola, NY.

MS. Health Science. New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Mineola, NY.

MA. Cultural Translation. American University of Paris. Paris, France.

Kundalini Yoga Level I. Federation Francais de Kundalini Yoga. Paris, France.

Hatha Yoga 200 hour. Holy Cow Yoga Center. Charleston, SC.

BA. French, Philosophy, Studio Art. College of Charleston. Charleston, SC.

Ongoing studies in Kundalini Yoga and meditation with Guru Jagat of RA MA Institute of Applied Yogic Science. Venice, California and in Human Design with the IHDS.